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"Hit it out of the Park."

- Ronnie Van Zant -

This is how Ronnie Van Zant described Lynyrd Skynyrd’s musical goal. To hit the ball out of the park every time and never give it any less than 100% for every show. You can say this about Brickyard Road as well. A band born out of a group of individuals with a true passion for music. Ever since coming together in 1998, Brickyard Road has been privileged to share their devotion to music and live performances all over the world. Located near the Mason-Dixon line, Brickyard Road gives it all they have to recreate the authentic 1970’s Lynyrd Skynyrd experience. 

Every song and every note is recreated in this legitimate concert style approach to the original band. This is not a cliché, or a parody of Southern Rock. The 2 ½ hour non-stop show includes well known hits, album favorites and deep cuts. Having overcome many challenges in a demanding industry, they are creating a distinct sound and receiving well-deserved industry acclaim. 
“What song do you want to hear?”

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Lead Vocals

Rob Terry
Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals

Mike Rice
Lead Guitar, Rhythm

Vinnie Corvelli


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dad image 2_edited.jpg
vinnie image 2_edited.jpg
jon image_edited.jpg
mom image_edited.jpg

Jon Kay
Keys, Vocals

Dan Doughty

Jen Terry

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